North Carolina State University

History 216: Latin America Since 1826
Since Fall Semester 2016.

History 534/434: Theory and Practice of Digital History
Since Fall Semester 2016.

History 535: Spatial History
Since Spring Semester 2017.

History 453/553: United States-Latin American Relations Since 1823
Since Spring Semester 2018.


History 79S: From Coffee to Cocaine: Commodities, Environment, and Society in Modern South America
Spring Quarter 2013.

Earth Systems 112: Human Society and Environmental Change
Teaching Assistant for Zephyr Frank, Roz Naylor, Rodrigo Pizarro.
Fall Quarter 2012.

History 102: The International System Since 1914
Teaching Assistant for Norman Naimark.
Guest Lecture, “Latin America and the International System before 1945.”
Spring Quarter 2012.

History 70/170B: Culture, Society and Politics in Latin America
Teaching Assistant for Patrick Iber.
Fall Quarter 2011.